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What is a blog?

A blog, or Weblog, is a web page or site which holds a number of posts (blogs). Each post is an article which is timestamped and made available to share with other internet users. The posts can then be opened up for comments. It’s ideal for anyone who likes to write regularly, great for news pages or on-line columnists.

What is an RSS Feed?

The feed is a small file which provides a summary of the latest content on your site. Internet users can access this file to see when you have updates so can effectively subscribe to your website’s content.

How do I set up my email?

In short I’ll do it for you. There are two ways it can be done – either we can set up a mailbox so you can send and receive email or we can set up a forwarding service so that any email sent to your domain gets forwarded to your regular email address. This is often easier than having to check multiple mail accounts and I use this myself.

I’ve already got a domain name. Can I use this?

Yes. If you’ve got a domain you can use it. It just needs to be pointed at the website once it’s ready. If you don’t have a domain registered you can either do it yourself or let me register it for you. It won’t cost you any more and it makes the admin easier.

When do I pay?

Once a final price for any work is agreed, I ask for a 50% deposit up front with the balance payable on completion of the work. This is pretty much standard now in web design and seems to be the fairest way of dealing with things.

What if I want to cancel my site in the future?

No problem. You can come out of the agreement at any time – there’s no set notice period. The annual hosting fees I charge are based on what I get charged by my hosting company and, unfortunately, they don’t do part year refunds so neither can I.